The Three Ghetto Musketeers

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I posted this 2 days ago, and frankly I never expected it to have that sort of impact on the nation, but f*ck me, it did. Turns out there are a lot of great folks out there (8.000 and counting), who shared my thoughts. As some wrote me, saying “could you please translate it to English”, I did, on the only other place I have to share my thoughts- this blog.
Although it has very little to do with Uninets, it has a lot to do with all of us.

“I was waiting for the bus at the bus station near my house, cold day, windy; Otis Redding on the headphones, when three 15-16 year old boys approach me. Afro-Americans, the Adidas clothing, sweatpants, caps, the language… You know the type. I say hello they smile, and offer me a smoke. We talk, it turns out they are on their way to visit a friend in Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.
A couple of minutes later, I see the bus, pull in, before quickly turning back out again, and driving on.  Rather confused, but in a hurry, I don’t think twice about it, and call a cab. I offer them to ride along with me to the train station; they kindly and humbly accept my offer. What happens next though …
The cab pulls up, comes to a full-stop. The driver has a look at us, and guns it! Frustrated I run after him, and catch up to him some 20 yards down the road, where he’s waiting for a red light. I knock on the window, and ask him “What do you think you are doing, mate?” “I don’t want to have these guys in my car; you can jump in if you want”. I am completely stunned and out of words for a second, before I managed to collect myself and say some bad words to him, which sends him on his way…
The guys, observing this back at the bus station, shake their head in despair. One of them shouts “This has happened before, and it’ll happen again, brother. Let it go. Merry Christmas”, before the three proceed on foot…

What happened, Denmark? Where did the “'Love your neighbor as yourself” Christmas spirit go?
The boys, their clothing and accent are just a product of their surroundings, and hide in this case three solid guys. And yet, because of their clothing, and I suspect skin color, they are now proceeding on foot, while I’m waiting for the next bus.

Dear taxi driver. Next time, I find myself in your car (I remember you), and the time comes that I have to pay for the ride, I’ll run away, so you can witness a guy in a Hugo Boss suit run from the bill. My clothing doesn’t make me any better, or worse. You superficial, judging, racist prick.”


I’m absolutely disgusted by what happened, and wish things were different. But, by talking publicly about these issues, maybe, just maybe, we can solve them. When the discussion is obesity, no one says “Lose weight and become one of us” They all say “You are beautiful as you are”. It breaks my heart, that this for some reason can’t happen when it’s nationalities and religion we talk about?  
So I’ll leave you with this… Please, give people a fair, fighting chance to prove themselves before judging them. Don’t generalize, don’t let your prejudice be in the way of a new friendship, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t believe everything you see on the news. Get out there and see for yourself. You’d be surprised how many great people you’ll meet, with all sorts of weird and wonderful backgrounds, and what sort of happiness this new-found clarity and open-hearted attitude will bring you.
Don’t do it for me, don’t do it because some holy book says so, don’t do it because it’s Christmas. DO IT FOR YOU.
“Be the change you want to see in the world”.  

If this message reaches just one of you, out there, I’ll be having a great day.

Merry Christmas!

The taxi company contacted me, in the name of the taxi driver, and apologized. However they added, that the driver already knew these guys, who hadn’t paid him once; which was why he didn’t want to pick them up. Now I can take it or leave it. Companies usually go to great lengths to cover up their story, when it comes to these sensitive topics (Religion, racism…) Maybe I was a little harsh on the taxi driver, maybe I’m a little bias… You be the judge of that (and take part in the discussion on Facebook). But my view on all this still stands its ground.


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